Texture Tuesday

Texture Tuesday: Swirl Pop Pillow Crochet Pattern

Swirl Pop Pillow in Pink Poodle and Fisherman

It’s texture Tuesday! Welcome to Texture Tuesday! A few weeks ago I joked around and announced it was Texture Tuesday on my Instagram post. Several people said they liked the idea of Texture Tuesday. So the following Tuesday I posted about it again and more people said they were down for it. That’s when I decided to make it a thing. The texture is created either by the yarn, the stitch, or both. My first Texture Tuesday post is the Swirl Pop Pillow pattern.

What’s Texture Tuesday?

Here are the details. Each Tuesday I am going to feature one of my patterns or another maker’s pattern on my blog and Instagram feed. The pattern will be either paid or free. If the pattern is a paid pattern, it will have a discount code in the blog post for 24 hours, discount will be decided by the pattern designer. In the post, the designer will give you a little back story on how the pattern came to be. The inspiration behind it, how they chose the yarn for it, the stitch, and overall design. Let’s get to the story already!

Today I am releasing and featuring my newest pattern, the Swirl Pop Pillow! It’s a fun and simple crochet pattern. It works up extremely fast using a 9mm crochet hook and super bulky yarn.

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Watching the swirl take shape is mesmerizing.

How the Swirl Pop Pillow came to be.

A little back story about how the Swirl Pop Pillow evolved. I had been wanting to jump on the Faux Fur train since last fall when it became popular but like a lot of us, I hate paying for shipping, and it wasn’t available in stores. I patiently waited, and waited, and waited some more! One day I saw someone post in their Instagram stories that their local Walmart finally got in some Lion Brand Yarn Go For Faux. I checked mine and no such luck. I had to wait several more months for it to show up at mine. You better believe I snagged a few!

Now what to do with it!?

Flipping through one of my crochet stitch books for inspiration, I came across a small swirl design. I knew I could make the swirl a whole lot bigger and instantly knew pairing the Go For Faux with Lion Brand’s Wool-Ease Thick and Quick would be awesome! The first one I started on was with pink and taupe. I love a good brown and pink together but wasn’t set on these 2 colors. I shared it on Instagram to see what others thought. Several people chimed in with a few ideas. Such as making a rug or a pillow, but I originally thought pillow to begin with. A peppermint swirl became an idea and the pink faux fur with the fisherman color was mentioned as well. I ran back to Walmart, grabbed some more Go For Faux in Baked Alaska. I also grabbed some Wool-Ease Thick and Quick in Cranberry and Fisherman. That’s how the Swirl Pop Pillow pattern was born.

How long does it take to make one?

You can literally whip it up in a few short hours! My testers did an amazing job and here I am today, sharing this beauty with you. Go For Faux comes in a wide variety of colors. You can make a Halloween one with Black and orange or whip up the peppermint one for the holidays. The pink and white makes a perfect pillow for a girl’s room. They work up so fast, they may even be perfect for markets!

Peppermint and Creamy Swirl pop pillows.

Find the direct links here: Ravelry & Etsy

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