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Winter Wreath Square

Winter Wreath Square
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Thanks for joining the Hope in the Holidays Blanket CAL. I hope you love making the Winter Wreath Square as much as I do. This is my third time joining in on a blanket CAL hosted by Claire from Bear Rye. I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t enjoy making blankets. But making a bunch of cute squares and seaming them together to make a blanket is so fun! It breaks up the monotony of blanket making.

I absolutely love wreathes during the holiday season. I love when people not only hang wreathes on their doors but when they hang them on their windows too. So, when Claire asked if I’d like to be a part of another CAL I immediately knew I had to make a wreath design. That’s how the Winter Wreath Square came to be.

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Winter Wreath Square


Method: Crochet
Skill Level: Beginner



US H/5mm 


Tape Measure
Tapestry Needle


Thank you to We Crochet for the yarn support for this project.
Worsted weight (medium 4)
Color A: Knit Picks Mighty Stitch in White – 60 yds
Color B: Knit Picks Mighty Stitch in Love Letter(red) – 18 yds
Color C: Knit Picks Mighty Stitch in Spruce(green) – 18 yds


Ch- chain
Inc- increase (2 Sc in same st)
Rep- repeat
Rnd- round
Sc- single crochet
Sl st- slip stitch
Sp- space
St(s)- stitch(es)



4” x 4”= 16 sts x 17 rows in sc

Your square will measure 7” x 7” before border is added.
Finished Measurements 8” x 8”
I added a 1” border around by adding 2 rows of red.
You’ll make the square then the wreath. Sewing the
wreath to the square then attach the bow to the wreath.


Ch 1 does not count as 1st St
With Color A:

Ch 31, turn
Row 1: Sc in 2nd Ch from hook, Sc 29, Ch 1, turn (30 Sc)
Rows 2-35: Sc 30, Ch 1, turn
Row 36: Sc 30, change to Color B to complete the last St in the row. Proceed to border instructions.
Square will measure 7″ x 7″

With Color B:

Now Sc evenly around the edges. I did 2 rows.
Rnd 1: Ch 2, Sc evenly down the side, Ch 2, Sc across the bottom, Ch 2, Sc up the other side, Ch 2, Sc across the top. Stopping at the St before the Ch 2.
Rnd 2: In the Ch 2 sp *(Sc, Ch 2, Sc), Sc around the square, making sure to Rep from * in each corner. Sl st in first Ch 2 of the second round. Fasten off, weave in ends.
Block square if needed, before attaching wreath, to flatten out any curling corners and making it an even 8” x 8” square.

With Color C:
Leave a long tail at the beginning of your Ch to sew center of wreath to square.
Ch 20
Rnd 1: Slst to 1st St in Ch, make sure Ch isn’t twisted, Sc 20 around. Sl st, Ch 1 (20 Sc)
Rnd 2: Inc in each St around, Sl st, Ch 1 (40 sc)
The wreath will start to get wavy but that’s ok, you’re going to be attaching it to the square and want a wavy edge.
Rnd 3: *Inc, Sc 2 Rep * around, Sl st, Ch 1(52 sc)
Rnd 4: *Inc, Sc 3 Rep * around, Sl st, Ch 3 (65 sc)
Rnd 5: *Sl st in next St, Ch 3 Rep * around. Fasten off, leaving a long tail to sew wreath to the square.

Pattern and Assembly:

Attaching wreath: Center it on the square. Sew around
the middle with the long tail. With the outer edge long tail
sew evenly around the around between rows 4 & 5.
Fasten off, weave in ends.

Center wreath on Winter Wreath Square and sew on.

With Color B:

Ch 41, turn
Row 1: Sc in 2nd Ch from hook, Sc 39, Ch 1, turn (40 Sc)
Fasten off, weave in ends.

How to finish the bow:
1:Fold row in half, lining up the ends.
2:Cross one end over the other so it looks like a ribbon with
approx 1” length from crossing point to ends of Ch.

Cross ends so it looks like a ribbon.

3:Cut a piece of scrap yarn approx 12”
4:With finger, hold bow at crossing point, bring the
center of the top of the bow down to your finger
holding the bow.

Bring top center to meet crossing point.

5:Pinch top of bow and where it crosses together. It
is now in the shape of a bow.
6:Pick up bow. While holding the bow adjust the bow
so the loops and ends are even in size and length.

Pinch bow and begin wrapping your scarp yarn around the center.

7:Take one end of the 12” scrap yarn. Holding it in the
center where you’re pinching the bow and start wrapping
it around the center. Adjusting the bow as you go. Leave
approx a 3” piece at the end to attach bow.

Use scrap yarn to wrap around center of bow leaving a 3″ tail.

8:Center the bow on the wreath. Use the 3” piece to attach
the bow to the wreath. Fasten off, weave in ends.

Center the bow and sew it to the Winter Wreath Square using the 3″ tail.

You can also use pieces of scrap yarn to attach the loops
and ends of the bow to secure it better.

Add extra decor to your wreath if desired.

Happy Making
Jessica ❤

This is an original pattern from Jessica Paz Creates. Please do not sell,
reprint, or repost any parts of this pattern. You are
welcome to sell your finished items but please link back
to my shop. If you’re sharing on social media please tag
me, so I can see your finished items!
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